How Much Power does a Dorm Room Fridge Use

How Much Power does a Dorm Room Fridge Use

A dorm room is a small cozy room. It can be a single occupancy, double or even triple occupancy room. So, obviously the amount of space you have for your stuff will be less. In a dorm room, you may not be able to accommodate anything bigger than a mini fridge. They are small tiny refrigerators with one or two shelves and a small rack for bottles on the door.

Mini fridges are popularly known as dorm room refrigerators because they are just right for small spaces and consume minimal electricity. Their size may go from 1.7 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet.

They are also perfect when it comes to their capacity. In a dorm room fridge, you can store some food and a few drinks for your late-night binges or for the days when you don’t feel like stepping out of your room.

You can keep multiple mini refrigerators in your room without worrying about tripping the main life. Although you may have to consult your dorm’s rule books, there may be a rule for the number of electric appliances allowed in a room.

How Much Power Does a Dorm Room Fridge Use?

Dorm room fridge meaning mini fridges use anywhere between 50-110 watts depending on their size. The bigger refrigerators on/off the compressor frequently to keep the inside cold and that is why they consume more energy. The smaller ones give long breaks before they switch on their compressor, so their electricity consumption is less. The smaller your fridge, the smaller will be your electricity bill.

Furthermore, your fridge will consume more or less energy depending on its brand. Some brands insulate their refrigerators so well that they consume way less energy than other brands.

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Power of Top Dorm Room Refrigerators

There are several mini refrigerators that quality as dorm refrigerators. They come from top electric brands such as Haier, Insignia, Midea, etc. Here is a list of top options to help you choose your dorm room fridge.

  1. Haier Compact Mini Fridge

Haier is a popular brand known for its modern home appliances. It also has a wonderful reputation for creating compact dorm room refrigerators. This refrigerator has a top freezer and plenty of storage as compared to its peers. With this fridge, you get to enjoy the perks of separate spaces: a refrigerator and a freezer.

Plus, there are other impressive functions such as door bins, a full crisper drawer and a can dispenser on the door. If you need more space for a tall container, you can always remove the glass shelves. This refrigerator is definitely a roomy option in the mini refrigerator segment.This refrigerator consumes 105 watts.

  1. Insignia Black Mini Fridge

Insignia Black Mini Fridge is a black beauty that can jazz up a room by simply sitting in the corner. It has impressive facilities such as three shelves, bottle storage and adjustable thermostat. The lowest shelf in this refrigerator can also accommodate a big bottle. The side door also has a can and bottle storage. In all this refrigerator does not feel like a mini fridge at all.

The adjustable thermostat on this machine is an added advantage since it lets you change the temperature according to the food you are storing in it. The only point that may disappoint you is that it does not have a freezer. So, you may not be able to store frozen foods in it. This refrigerator consumes 80 watts.

  1. Midea Compact Refrigerator

Midea compact refrigerator is a teeny tiny refrigerator that is smaller than the common mini refrigerators available in the market. This machine has just one shelf that can accommodate only emergency food and drinks. You cannot stuff it up for parties. If you want it just for water, it is known to accommodate as many as 24 bottles.

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This compact refrigerator comes with adjustable legs that let you set the machine according to your space. This machine is quite in its operations and is so tiny that it can fit on any table or very little space on a shelf. This refrigerator consumes 70 watts.

  1. Arctic 2-Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

This refrigerator is for you if you have a lot of space in your room and you are feeling extravagant. This is a mini fridge with 2 doors. Think about a small fridge with a separate freezer and refrigerator area. Ok, there are other mini fridges with two-doors in the market but none of them is as big as this one.

In this refrigerator, you will have 2 glass shelves, a bottom shelf for fresh produce, a two tier-bottle rack, a six-can compartment and a complete separate freezer. You can consider investing in this appliance in case you cook in your own room or you have more than two people living in the room.

  1. Costway Compact Refrigerator

Costway Compact Refrigerator is a regular fridge in smaller size. This is a quiet appliance that sits in a corner and makes your college life easy, just like that. Costway Compact Refrigerator has a separate freezer, removable glass shelves, crisper drawer, an ice tray and internal thermometer that can help you change the temperature with ease.

If you want to store tall containers, you can play around with the shelves. The freezer is also spacious and can hold a lot of food than you can anticipate. This fridge can be ideal for rooms where you have multiple roommates. It will hold your food, it will hold your drinks and will ensure that you always have something to binge on when you are studying late in the night. This refrigerator consumes 65 watts.

What Should I Keep In My Dorm Room Fridge?

Since a dorm room fridge is a mini fridge, you can only store essentials in it like milk, some food items and a few drinks. The freezer will let you store items like frozen pizza and burgers that can be quickly thawed in a microwave when you feel hungry late at night.

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Will A 100W Solar Panel Run A Fridge?

A 100w solar panel can be a mini fridge. So, if you have a mini fridge, it will work. It won’t be able to support household refrigerators that consume between 100-250 watts.

Is It Safe To Have A Mini Fridge In Your Room?

Mini fridges are safe to have in your room in the dorm. They are safe home appliances and do not cause any troubles. Although, they make noise, which may get somewhat irritating if you are used to pin drop silence. Otherwise they are good to have and with time, you also get used to the humming noise.

Can You Plug A Mini Fridge In A Regular Outlet?

A mini fridge should always be plugged to a standard wall plug outlet. If you are looking to use an extension cord for your fridge, you must do so only with a 3-wire extension cord. This type of extension cord comes with a 3-blade grounding plug with a 3-slot receptacle.

Can You Have Two Mini Fridges In A Dorm Room?

There is no limit to how many fridges you can have in a dorm room, unless your rule book says so. One more factor that you need to consider before is the electricity consumption. Some dorms may have strict limits to how much load you can put on the power lines.


A refrigerator is as magical as a blessing in a dorm room where food times are not fixed and the canteen food tastes like sponge. You will find a dorm fridge with almost all the top refrigerators in the world. They come in all shapes and sizes and consume minimal electricity. Since they are small, their placement is also not an issue.

If you have a kitchen area in your room, you can place it in a corner on the shelf. If not, it can sit cozily on a desk or a corner table. Take our word, your electricity bill will be small.

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