Best Ironing Board To Use With Steam Generator Iron

Do you love ironing clothes? Most likely your answer will be not that positive, but you are left with no option though it is not an enjoyable activity. When you have a large pile of wrinkled clothes for ironing, an iron box, and good ironing board comes to your rescue. You might think buying an ironing board is easy, but you have to consider a few things before buying one and should go for the best ironing board to use with steam generator iron.

It should be heat resistant, robust and functionally fit for properly ironing clothes. Considering all the essential features, Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board is the one you should have at your home. We have shortlisted a few more models that excel in features and quality. Now, let’s talk about how to choose the best Ironing board and what all to consider.

Best Ironing Board To Use With Steam Generator Iron

Rank Name Ratings Price Child lock Size Weight Discount Link

Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board

4.8/5 $$ 49 x 18 inches 16 pounds

Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide

4.6/5 $$ 49 x 18 inches 19 pounds

Leifheit 72563-1 AirBoard Premium Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board

4.1/5 $ 47 x 15 inches 11 pounds

Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board

4.2/5 $$$ 54 x 18 inches 20 pounds

Perilla Liana 4-Leg Heavy Duty Ironing Board

3.9/5 $ 48 x 16 inches 15 pounds

No.1 Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board


  • Wide work area
  • Adjustable height
  • Inbuilt steam holder
  • Strong and sturdy
  • With child lock
  • 10 Guarantee


  • No Laundry rack
  • A little heavy

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Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board is a top model from the brand that has an inbuilt steam unit holder. No matter whether you use a regular iron or steam generator, this board can accommodate both. It has an extensive work area of 49 x 18 inches that makes it easy for you to press all types of clothes.

The height is also adjustable, and it has other features as well.? The on board comes with a pure cotton cover that has a lovely design which makes a great ironing area. It has four sturdy legged frames that stand stable on both floors and carpet. The table has a warranty of 10 years which is a great thing.

It’s in-built steam holder unit is a plus because generally steam generators are a little large and they usually don’t fit in standard ironing boards. The steam holder is adjustable, and it can carry up to 15 pounds. The iron board comes with four different height setting, which allows you to set the height from 30 to 38 inches.

As the board has a wide surface area, ironing your shirts arms is no tougher. Child lock is an added safety feature of the board that can prevent the board from accidental collapse. Considering all these features, we recommend Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board as the best ironing board to use with steam generator iron.

No.2 Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide

Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide is a beautiful iron broad with moving circle design. It is 49 x 18 inches and broad enough to accommodate big clothes like sheets. This board is very useful for people who have to iron bed sheets or larger clothes daily. It is very light yet strong, and it offers a stable work surface. You will not feel any strain on while ironing clothes. The broad comes in a shape that is suitable to iron shirts and blouses and pants as well.

The ironing board has some innovative features such as heat resistant protective layer on the iron. It ensures adequate protection to your iron. It also prevents marks appearing on the work area due to high heat. The board stands sturdy in all types of floor, and it is non-slip as well. It comes with child lock feature and hence no worry of accidental collapse. You can conveniently position its height between 30 to 38 inches. ?With a ten year guarantee, it is a good option, though it is slightly heavier than Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board.

No.3 Leifheit 72563-1 AirBoard Premium Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board


  • Ultra-light weight
  • Perfect for steam irons
  • With cord minder
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Easy height settings
  • Stable legs


  • Hard to detach and attach iron holder
  • Bit wobbly but not terrific.

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The Leifheit 72563-1 AirBoard Premium Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board is a beautifully crafted lightweight ironing board for your homes. It is 47×15 inches, and the cover comes with 100% cotton with a polyurethane padding. The board is feather light and easy to adjust as well.

It has an iron rest and cord minder to make things easy for users. The cord minder is suitable for holding the iron cord and helps to do the ironing without any disturbance. The cover comes with a thermal coating that reflects steam for fast heating and contributes to reducing the ironing efforts.

German technology is using for the manufacturing of the board which gives a perfect designer aspect and competitive edge over its peers. The board features sturdy steel legs, and it can adjust up to 39-inch height. The coating on the board improves the performance of ironing when compared to covers that don’t have any coating at all.

High-quality material and ultra-light plastics are using for making the board for increased durability. Since it is foldable and lightweight, you can conveniently store it anywhere even beneath the bed.

No.4 Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board


  • Compact and hence easy storage
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive ironing area
  • Foldable design
  • Easy to carry and port
  • Easily movable as it has wheels


  • Some parts are plastic.
  • The metal mesh is not well made.

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The Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board is a folding type steam iron board that is compact yet sturdy. It has a modern look and is ideal for small spaces as it doesn’t take up any extra space for storage. It has a surface area of 54×18 inches which is relatively large to meet your ironing requirements.

The cover and padding is extra thicker, comes in 5mm thickness than standard iron boards. One of the major advantages is that you get an XL size board but when you fold it becomes XS. It also comes with attachments like hanger racks, steam iron rest, and an extensive steam station.

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Robust, durable materials are using to make the board for better and continuous perfect ironing experience. Its metallic platform surface utilizes a corrosion resistant material, which is durable and hence you can use it for an extended period.

You can adjust the height of the board from 27 to 37 by using slot stops under the board. The legs of this iron board are made of aluminum and have wheels integrated into it allowing easy mobility. The broad itself is made from top quality stainless steel so that you can iron clothes with less effort.

No.5 Perilla Liana 4-Leg Heavy Duty Ironing Board


  • Sturdy board
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to port
  • Made of heat resistant over, steam permeable body


  • The iron rest not foldable
  • No Child lock

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Perilla Liana is a heavy duty iron board with four legs and heat resistant cover. It’s a steam permeable wire mesh iron board. ?It has an efficient iron rest attachment, and it comes with electrostatic epoxy powder coating for better heat resistance. ?The board is compact in design, and you will find it is easy to carry around.

The front legs are solid and give stability to the board. It uses heat resistant silicon stoppers to protect the base of iron, while it is hot.? The board does not have a child lock to protect it from accidental collapse; hence you need to handle it carefully.

How to select an ironing board?

Size of Ironing Board

The size of a steam generating ironing board varies with type as there are different kinds of models. Commercial, home and drop down models all come in different sizes. Among these, an ideal one for domestic use is about 120cm x 38 cm, which would be comfortable to use.? Since steam generating ironing board comes with large water tanks, it requires strong support, and you should make sure that the board is durable and sturdy. If you are living in a small apartment, it is best to choose a board that is of compact size. Preferably it should also be easy to store it.

Height of Ironing Board

Height is another important factor because otherwise, it might result in unnecessary body strains. The ideal height of an ironing board is that it must be up to your hip level or a little above it. As most of the people prefer pressing by standing, the height should be in such a way that it doesn’t strain you back or shoulders. Instead of going for a fixed point height setting, look for something with minimum four different height setting.

Corrosion free:

Steam generation ironing board should be made of a non-corrosive material or should have hard wearing plastic coating. Steam iron shall be producing a lot of steam, and if you are buying a conventional type of ironing board, it will not be suitable for the job.

Strength of Ironing board

An ironing board must be lightweight but at the same time sturdy as well. The strength of the board is vital otherwise it would collapse in the midst of your daily chore. Since the board has to hold a steam water tanker, it should have the sturdiness. ?Choose a board with sturdy legs and frame so that you can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Importance of Ironing board cover

Some iron boards come with cover and padding, sometimes you have to purchase it. Whatever it is, it is good to have a padding and a cover for your board. Thicker the padding, the better effect it gives. Choose a board with padding between 5mm and 8mm or buy a pad. Padding will have vents on it so that steam penetrates and goes out. The vents help in proper ironing of clothes and distribute heat during pressing. Iron covers are also essential as it prevents clothes from sticking on to the board. If you are buying covers separately, choose the ones with a non-stick surface.

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Portable or Built –in

Being lightweight also means portable, but you have to make sure that the board is adjustable as well. In any case, if you want to adjust its height or fold it to make it compact, the board should have these features. Most of the times people iron clothes by standing but some people prefer to press by sitting due to various reasons. So it is up to you to choose the kind of board that suits your needs.

Holder for keeping the iron box and steam tank:

The holder will always be on one end of the board and holder will have enough strength to carry the steam tank and iron box. You need to make sure that design of the board is perfect balancing the board has enough to strength to distribute the weight of the box and water tank, in such way that it can hold the steam tank and iron box properly. The tray of the holder should be made of a non-corrosive material or should have heat resistant coating.

Important attachment or accessories

Besides from the basic things, some people might require additional accessories like sleeve boards, cloth hanging racks, iron rest or vacuum in their iron boards. So if you have any preference, choose a board that comes with accessories and attachments.


After evaluating various models of the iron board that can use with steam generating iron box we find Brabantia Steam Generator Ironing Board is the best ironing board to use with steam generator iron. It has all the essential features and options you need to iron clothes safely and comfortably. The wide work surface, height adjustments, child lock, steam holder unit and sturdy frame, all make it a great buy. If you use both steam generators and conventional irons, this board is what you need.

In the second and third position, we find Brabantia Ironing Board with Solid Steam Iron Rest, Size C, Wide and Leifheit 72563-1 AirBoard Premium Lightweight Thermo-Reflect Ironing Board respectively.? Both are light weight and made with durable material.

The Rowenta IB9100 Pro Compact Professional Space Saving Folding Ironing Board is a great product to go for if you are looking for a large board with folding features. Although not specified, it is suitable for heavy duty purposes as well and easy to move around. Out of all products, it is the most expensive one and carries one year warranty hence it is our fourth choice.

Perilla Liana 4-Leg Heavy Duty Ironing Board is a heavy duty ironing board that comes with a heat resistant cover. It also has an iron rest permanently attached to it with heat resistant silicon studs. It has no child lock, and hence we rank it as our fifth option.

All the above products are equally competent in performance with minor variations. It is always better to go with the best ironing board to use with steam generator iron which can meet your basic requirements. Confirm your priorities, before you finalize the iron board.

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