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Best Air Purifier For Pet Hair And Dander Review in 2020

Is anyone in your home is allergic to pet hair or dander? Are you tired of cleaning your pet’s hair from your bed, sofa, carpet, floor etc. Do you have to tolerate the odor of a pet in your home, but cannot do anything because your mother loves pet? Here, we have a brilliant solution to get rid of all these issues. Air purifiers designed specifically to remove pet’s hair, dander, and smell would be your best decision ever.

If the quality of the air in your home is affecting by your loving pet and making difficult to breathe a clean air, you must have an air purifier to give healthy and refresh air to your family. Honeywell 50250-S available at a moderate price of around $150 is an effective air purifier to meet small-large room needs. Through this article, you will get to learn more about the features, functions, and benefits of the high-quality air purifiers. It will help in making a right deal.

Best Air Purifier For Pet Hair And Dander Comparison

Rank Name Ratings Price True HEPA Filter Fan Speed Settings Filter Change Indicator Discount Link

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier

4.2/5 $$ 3

Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter

4.5/5 $$$ 4

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier Filtration with True HEPA Filter

4.5/5 $ 3

GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

4.3/5 $ 3

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier

4.2/5 $ 3

No.1 Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier


  • Effective for large rooms
  • Long-life filters
  • 3 cleaning settings
  • Filter change or clean indicator
  • True HEPA filter


  • Little noisy on medium and high speed
  • Few features
  • Prefilter requires vacuuming once every 2 weeks

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Honeywell 50250-S has simple and effective design that intake polluted air from all directions, 360 degree. This feature maximizes its efficiency and makes it one of the best air purifiers for pets. It has True HEPA filter and carbon prefilters that work effectively in scrubbing out smaller particles. It is also helpful in removing bad odors from the pets.

The main benefit of buying this air purifier is its cylinder-shaped filter system. It is highly capable of pulling air from all sides. This way, the filters with large surface area catch a large amount of air and produce the same amount of fresh air. It also has an electronic filter indicator to remind you about when to change or clean the filters. The fan speed can be adjusted with 3 options.

If you have a large living space where you want to get rid of your pet’s hair, dander and odor, this system will give the effective results by just spending around $150.

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No.2 Alen BreatheSmart Customizable Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter


  • Perfect for spaces up to 1100 sq ft
  • SmartSensor feature conserves energy
  • Comes in 14 different colors
  • Easy to change filter


  • Quiet Expensive
  • No True HEPA filter

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When it comes to the larger space, whether it is bedroom, living area or open concept rooms, you need something with extraordinary air purifying capabilities. Available at around $600, Alen BreatheSmart holds the highest capability to efficiently remove the allergens, dust and pets hair/dander in less than 2 hours.

The main feature that makes it different from other air purifiers is the facility to choose four different filter types as per the air purification needs. This system is available in 14 different colors, thus gives you an option to choose the one based on your home décor. Its exclusive SmartSensor feature automatically makes adjustments based on the changing air quality. It helps in conserving energy.

All the operations are done super quietly. If you have Alen BreatheSmart, you can keep your pets at home without any worry about unhygienic floor, furniture, bed etc.

No.3 Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier Filtration with True HEPA Filter


  • Highly affordable
  • 100% Ozone free
  • Quiet operation
  • Nightlight with two brightness options


  • Covers only small area under 90 sq. ft.

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If you are looking for an air purifier around $100 price range with contemporary design, Levoit LV-H132 air filtration system will give you excellent results at such a reasonable price. It is suitable for small rooms or office spaces. The 3 Stage Filtration System efficiently removes dust, pollen, pet dander and even smallest particles of 0.3 microns size. If anyone in your family has allergies and nasal stuffiness, you must think of buying this system.

It has 3 fan speed settings and small night light with 2 brightness settings. It is completely ozone-free i.e. does not produce harmful air pollutants. The filter needs to be changed after every 6 months. It completely depends on the quality of air in your room. If you have Levoit LV-H132 air purifier in your room, you can enjoy quiet sleep throughout the night without any noise.

For effective outcome, it is recommended to use it in an area under 90 square feet. It is the perfect choice for people with limited budget.

No.4 GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter


  • Perfect for medium size rooms
  • Filter change indicator
  • Occupy less space
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Energy efficient system


  • Not suitable for larger rooms
  • In starting, you may have some weird plastic smell

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Like several air purifiers, GermGuardian AC4825 can be used not only for removing dust and allergens in the air but also pet dander and hair in an effective way. If you have a pet, it is obvious to have pet odor issue in your home, no matter whether he/she has separate living space or not. In that case, the filters used in this purifier help you to get rid of odors as well.

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It has 3 speed settings and is a suitable purchase for medium sized rooms. It has True HEPA filter which gives amazing results in providing excellent air circulation and odor reduction. It also extremely capable of cleaning up pets hair more quickly. The feature that makes it a superb air purifier is its quietness. Other features are UV-C control which kills airborne bacteria and a filter change indicator.

All these wonderful features can be accessed in less than $100.

No.5 Hamilton Beach TrueAir Allergen-Reducing Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner Purifier


  • Highly budget friendly system
  • Permanent HEPA-Grade Filter
  • Can be used horizontally or vertically
  • Ultra quiet operation


  • No filter replacement indicator. You need to check the carbon filters for replacing after every 3 months.

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It is one of the best air purifiers for pets available at such a low price around $50. It has all required features to eliminate the pet’s odor, dander and even dust, pollen present in the air. It has a permanent HEPA filter that enables you to save your money by reducing the cost of replacing the filters. Only two carbon filters require replacement when needed.

One feature, at this competitive price, distinguishes it from other air purifiers is its horizontal or vertical operation. It means you can place it as per your room décor. It is an ideal selection for pet owners who have tight budget and at the same time want to have an effective air purifier. It can be used 24/7 without experiencing any issue.

What to consider when buying an air purifier for pet hair and dander?

When we look for the best air purifier for pets, it must be highly effective to handle all kind of issues that your pet can possibly have. Keep in mind that your purpose of buying an air purifier is not just getting rid of pet hair or dander, but also to give a healthy environment to your family. Here are few points you must be taken into account to own the best quality air purifier.

Consider your Specific Needs

The very first thing that needs to be considered is your specific needs. Pet owners, who are looking for an air purifier for their home wants to own one, either to get rid of per hair or dander or both along with the unpleasant smell. In this case, an air purifier with both HEPA filter and carbon filter, capable of removing hair, dander and odor, would be your ideal selection.

Just keep your specific needs in mind to find the most suitable air purifier.

Room/Area Coverage

Make sure to check whether your chosen air purifier is capable enough to work for the size of your room or wherever you will place it. If you are going to use it at a particular place, you must look for the one with maximum room limits. Like, if you want air purifier for small space, then it is not worth to spend huge money on large size purifier. You can find numerous small size purifiers effective enough to clean air in the small specified area.

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Many air purifiers specify their area coverage. So, it is better to measure your room or area and check whether it will fit your needs or not.

Air Purifiers with HEPA filters

Air purifiers with HEPA filters are the best to clean all impurities in the air. They are most effective to capture even the smallest air contaminants, .3 microns in size. So, such type of air purifiers is highly recommended for pets. If you or any family member of allergic to dust, pets’ dander or an unclean environment, air purifiers with HEPA filtration system are great to experience a clean and fresh air at your home.


Air purifiers are available in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. Obviously, you do not want something that would look out of your space. Like, if you have a small room, it is not a good idea to have a too big purifier. Occupying too much space in a small room will not look impressive. You have the number of options available in a market. So, it is better to have an air purifier that not only cleanses air, but also enhances the space.


It would be good to get details of its maintenance rather than handling the afterward hassles. Some of them require frequent change of filters, wash, and cleaning, which can be a stressful task for many.

You require having all details regarding the after-purchase maintenance of a purifier. Make sure it should not be a high expense in the future in terms of filter replacement costs.


With the features, functions, pros and cons of the above air purifiers for pets, now you have a great understanding of what type of purifier you should buy. Still, it may confuse you when you have the number of options to choose from. No worries, we will definitely help you in this regard too.

In case of heavily tight budget and cannot tolerate your pet’s hair, dander and smell all around in the home, Hamilton Beach TrueAir around $50 will provide the desired results effectively. If you have a medium budget of around $100-150, Honeywell 50250-S would be your best decision for medium-large size room. Can easily spend $600 for a larger room? You must own Alen BreatheSmart without any second thought.

Just have a clean home, free from dander and odor of your dog/cat/any pet, and give fresh air to your loved ones through the most suitable air purifier. Hopefully, this article will guide you in making an informed buying decision for your home and family.

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