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Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo in 2019

It is completely a waste of money to buy two separate products to purify an air and to remove humidity in a room. If you have desperate need of these two units at your home, it is better to find a solution capable of resolving these issues at the same time. In this case, an air purifier and humidifier combo would be the best investment to enjoy the clean and safe environment.

The number of models is available in the market that gives high performance and utility. They work effectively in improving the air quality and in preventing humidity in your home. When you have an effective combo such as Quartz 4-in-1 air purifier humidifier unit at home, you will definitely be pleased with its outcome at the one go. Here are few models with a combination of a humidifier and air purifier that give you the benefits of both units using a single system.

Best Air Purifier And Humidifier Combo Comparison

Rank Name Ratings Price Humidity Sensor Area Coverage Filter Replacement Discount Link

Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

4.1/5 $$$ 254 sq. ft. 9 – 12 months

1500W Quartz Infrared Heater Humidifier Plasma Inverter Air purifier

4.1/5 $ 1000 sq. ft. 6 months

4.2L Warm & Cool Mist Humidifiers, Innoo Tech Ultrasonic Air Purifier

4.0/5 $ 500 sq. ft. 6 months

Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier – LW15 Grey

3.9/5 $$ 200 sq. ft. No filter needed

Dreval D-950 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Humidifier Combo

3.8/5 $$$ 430 sq ft.? 6 – 12 months

No.1 Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function


  • Perfect for small to medium rooms
  • Easy to operate
  • No noise
  • Washable filters


  • Quite expensive
  • No remote control & filter indicator

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Sharp KC-850U not only improves your air but also compliment the look of your room. Its slim design allows you to place it anywhere you want. It runs with patented plasma caster technology that makes it quite silent while in operation. It has the ability to give excellent results in up to 254 sq. ft. area. If you have a medium-sized room and can buy a machine at a budget of around $350, it is simply wonderful.

It has true HEPA filter that can eliminate even small micron dirt particles. It has humidity sensor and dust sensor that helps in monitoring quality of air in a room and adjust the fan accordingly. It maintains the best humidity level. Thus, gives you healthier, cleaner, odorless and fresh air.

The water tank helps in humidifying your room for about 10 hours. It is recommended for those who do not suffer from very dry weather conditions

No.2 1500W Quartz Infrared Heater Humidifier Plasma Inverter Air purifier


  • 4 functions in one system
  • User-friendly
  • Remote Control
  • 1500W Inverter


  • You have to keep fill the water for its proper working

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It is 4-in-1 model that acts as a heater, purifier, sterilization, and humidifier.?You will get all these features in one system only. These combinations have the power to make your room warm, comfortable, cozy, and clean. You just need to spend less than $120 to enjoy all these functions.

It has the most effective HEPA filter, Plasma air purification technology, 1500W inverter and excellent humidification function. It is not only capable of killing harmful germs but also removes odors from your room. It gives you a healthy and comfortable breathing environment. The fan of the system spreads water vapor into air which makes you feel contented and you will enjoy being in your room.

With the help of remote control, you can adjust its settings without moving from your place. You can save your money by avoiding a separate purchase of heater in winters.

No.3 4.2L Warm & Cool Mist Humidifiers, Innoo Tech Ultrasonic Air Purifier


  • Control touch panel
  • Quiet operation
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Energy efficient


  • Some users experience little noise after sometime

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This model from Innoo Tech is quite stylish and rather cute that gives ultimate look to the space. It has touch buttons which is used to operate it as a cool mist or a warm mist humidifier.?It works perfectly for kids’ room as well. It is available at a very competitive price of less than $50.

It has 4.2l water tank with built-in water filter?which allows humidifier to be in operation for 11-28 hours. It completely depends on the selected mist mode. No worries if you forget to fill its water tank. It will stop the humidifier automatically without closing the purification process. For adequate outcome, it maintains suitable humidity levels, thus gives relief from allergies and flu.

It gives proper humidified environment which protects your furniture, wood floor and sensitive electronic equipment such as a laptop, PC, tablets etc. You can even enjoy fragrance in your room through the aroma pad. You can have it in your room and enjoy healthy life.

No.4 Venta Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier – LW15 Grey


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Recommended for small to medium room
  • No filter or replacement is required
  • Easy to clean


  • Slightly noisy
  • No HEPA filter is used
  • Little costly

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Venta LW15 humidifier and air purifier combo comes with air-washing technology that makes it different from other similar products. It sucks the dry air and separates the particles and dust in the system only. After the complete process, it emits fresh and clean air. Available at nearly $220, this unit can easily be adjusted anywhere you want.

It is capable of humidifying and purifying that air in a room without any need of filter. You only need to refill the water, both filtering and the humidifying task is done by water itself. The system also has 2 fan speed settings, auto shut off and water indicator features. It consumes 4W of energy, thus gives you great relief from your electricity bills.

It comes with 10 years of warranty, thus gives very long life. Considered as a powerful combo unit, you can choose it for your home or office.

No.5 Dreval D-950 Air Purifier True HEPA Filter Humidifier Combo


  • Multiple filters
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • UV light and negative ion generator
  • Odor sensor


  • Extremely costly
  • Small water tank may bring negligible humidity level effect.

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You cannot get better Air Purifier Humidifier Combo other than Dreval D-950 with 99.7% purification rate. It has everything to give you a clean, pure and healthy air in your home. It has an odor sensor that automatically adjusts fan speed in order to make better air quality.

The unit runs with 7-stage filtration system and inbuilt humidification function. Thus, gives highly effective outcome in terms of removing dirt, pollen, odors, spores & molds and optimizing humidity levels.

Also, it has very quiet operation which enables you to enjoy peaceful environment wherever you place this unit. It also has a UV sterilize light that works in killing various bacteria efficiently. The production of negative ions contributes in providing freshness in your home.

It gives amazing results in large rooms. You need to spend around $370 to enjoy all these benefits.

What to consider when buying an air purifier and humidifier combo?

While you can find a number of options that ensure to meet your all needs, still you require doing your homework before making a final purchase. Just relying on any brand or model is not a good idea at all. You have to consider several things to get the best product for your family. Just check out the given points that you must be taken into account to get rid of the air contaminants and humidity issues in your home.

Highly Efficient

No doubt all brands guarantee to clean out your air. But, before making a selection you must ask yourself, to what extent it is efficient to do so? If you just want to get rid of pet dander, cooking smoke, odors etc. then combo with 90% efficiency can give the excellent results. If anyone in your family has chronic allergies, you must look for an air purifier and humidifier combo with 99% efficiency.

All you need is to check for a combo with maximum efficiency you can afford.

Filtration System

As you are going to spend money to have a pure, fresh and clean air, you must have a system that performs this activity in the right way. Check the types of filters used in the system. Always prefer for a system with HEPA filtration method. Carbon Filters, HEPA Filters and Electrostatic Filters have their own specific benefits. In case of health issues, it is better to ask your doctor for the type of filter best for the health.

If you have a good filtration system, you will get better results of cleaning and purifying the air.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You must also consider the cost of cleaning and maintenance after using the machine for certain period of time. The machine must be easy to clean and must not require filter changing after a short time. It depends on the air quality in your home, type of filters your machine have, as well as how you use it.

Make sure to get these details regarding the machine with your dealer/vendor. You can also go through the feedback of the users in this regard.

Area Coverage

It would be really stupidest to spend money on a machine if it would not capable enough to give the adequate results you want for your room/area. You must consider the maximum area covered by a machine. You can find numerous air purifier and humidifier combo suitable to cover a certain area. Want to have a machine for a large room? Make sure your selected combo can cover large square feet.

For better results, just keep in mind your room sq. ft. and look for the machine designed to cover that area.

Noise Level

Obviously, when you are getting two in one machine, it may be little noisy. Make sure to check the level of noise it creates while in operation. Some machines are very noisy at high speed. Slight noise is common in such machines. But, if you experience an annoying noise, it may hinder your sleep and even disturbs you in daily routine. Always look for the one that runs quietly or is very less noisy.


Before making out a final decision, it is advisable to go through a variety of air purifier humidifier combo available to meet the varied needs. Just keep in mind what exactly you want for your home. It is always best to compare the features, functions, and benefits of the units come under your affordable price range.

Here, in this article, you will find great help in finalizing the most suitable air purifier and humidifier combo for you. When we talk about the low budget, Innoo Tech Ultrasonic unit can become your best choice. For a large area, 1500W Quartz 4-in-1 system is able to give ultimate result without spending a huge amount of money.

It is always recommended to take your time in selecting the best product for your home. You can even take the advice from others using the similar units. Hope, the information in this article will guide you in identifying the best and in making the right decision.

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